Easy-to-Use Custom NFPA Diamond Template and Resources

Custom NFPA 704 Hazmat Sign Selector

The National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA), in section 704 of the National Fire Code, specifies a system for identifying hazards associated with various materials. Proper identification of hazards is essential for emergency responders and anyone who needs to handle such materials. People who need NFPA 704 diamonds love our custom NFPA sign generator templates that let them create and preview custom NFPA diamonds with just five clicks.

How to Use the ComplianceSigns.com NFPA Diamond Template

These custom NFPA diamond sign tools include a rating explanation guide and a link to the NFPA 704 standard to help users choose the correct hazard level. One more click lets users select materials from 1-inch vinyl labels to 30-inch aluminum signs on the preview page.

NFPA Diamonds with Hazard Ratings

Check the specifications of your materials against the NFPA 704 standard here. Then make five quick selections to create your custom NFPA diamond:

  1. Health hazard level: 0 (no hazard) to 4 (can be lethal)
  2. Flammability hazard level: 0 (will not burn) to 4 (burns at temperatures below 74 degrees Fahrenheit)
  3. Instability hazard level: 0 (stable) to 4 (may explode at normal temperatures and pressures)
  4. Special hazard: only OX, SA and W are authorized by the NFPA for use on hazmat diamonds

Common NFPA Diamond Signs:

NFPA 704 Hazmat Diamond with 1-2-0 RatingNFPA 704 Hazmat Diamond with 2-4-0 RatingNFPA 704 Hazmat Diamond with 3-0-0-SA RatingNFPA 704 Hazmat Diamond with 0-2-0 Rating

Signs With NFPA Diamonds, Text and CAS #

If you need custom NFPA 704 diamonds with chemical text, we’ve made that easy, too.  A second NFPA template tool lets you:

  • Select 3 Rating Numbers and a Symbol for your diamond from dropdown menus
  • Enter your custom text and CAS# – format the text to meet your needs
  • Click the Proceed – Select Size + Material button for product details, options and pricing

Please refer to NFPA Standard 704 Section 4.3, Location of Signs, for specifics on where to post NFPA 704 placards.

NFPA 704 Diamonds Rating Explanation Guide:

NFPA 704 Diamonds Rating Explanation Guide

Notes On Special Hazard Symbols

Although NFPA diamonds commonly are created with a variety of symbols, only three symbols are authorized by the NFPA for use on Hazmat Diamonds: OX, SA and W.

Authorized Special Hazard Symbols:

  1. OX – Oxidizer
  2. SA – Asphyxiant
  3. W – No Water

Non-authorized Symbols Commonly Used:**

  • ACID – Acid
  • ALK – Alkaline
  • COR – Corrosive
  • COR+OX – Corrosive Oxidizer
  • COR+OXY – Corrosive Oxidizer
  • CRY – Cryogenic
  • OXY – Oxidizer Agent
  • W + OX – No Water Oxidizer
  • RAD – Radioactive

**Emergency responders in your area might not recognize non-authorized symbols because they are not defined in NFPA 704. Before using these symbols, consult your local emergency response team regarding size and placement of non-authorized symbols with your NFPA diamond.

Where Can I Find the NFPA 704 Ratings for Specific Materials?

Before using our NFPA diamond template, it’s crucial to have trained personnel conduct a hazard evaluation of the materials in question. This person should have experience interpreting the hazardous materials criteria from the NFPA 704 standard, chapters five through eight.

A technically competent individual can determine a material’s hazard ratings by cross-referencing NFPA 704 criteria with manufacturer-supplied safety data sheets. Some manufacturer SDS include the NFPA 704 ratings within the document’s text, although it is not required.

How Are the NFPA 704 Ratings Different From OSHA’s Hazard Communication Classification Numbers?

OSHA’s Hazard Communication standard was developed to provide exposure information for workers using the materials under normal conditions. The NFPA 704 standard is used most commonly by safety personnel and emergency responders in fires, spills or other emergencies.

The numbering systems are inverse, where one serves as OSHA’s most hazardous label, and four is the most dangerous for NFPA 704. Our blank NFPA diamond template creates only NFPA signs, scaled from 0 (no hazard) to four (greatest danger or most volatile).

NFPA 704 Resources: