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Safety signage for every area of your school

When students are on school property, it’s important to keep them safe wherever they are—from the parking lot to the gymnasium to the cafeteria. ComplianceSigns has everything you need to keep students, faculty and visitors safe anywhere on campus.

Official street name signs
Perhaps the area on campus with the most safety risks, your parking lot needs signage that helps direct parents dropping off and picking up their kids, signage that designates reserved parking spots and signage the keeps vehicles and people out of restricted zones.
Official street name signs

Make sure students, parents and guests know which doors they can enter through and how to make their way through the building with entrance, exit and navigational signs. And make sure everyone knows that smoking, bullying and loitering are not allowed the hallways.

Official street name signs

Clearly identify the principal’s office, front offices and nurse’s office in your building to make sure they can be easily found. And to ensure your campus is safe, don’t forget to post signage asking visitors to sign in at the front office.

Official street name signs

Be sure to identify, bathrooms, locker rooms and preschool storage areas, and make sure your bathrooms remain free of drugs, alcohol, cell phones and bullying.

Official street name signs

Identify wheelchair accessible classrooms and make sure your classroom rules are posted so students know how they can stay out of trouble.

Official street name signs

Food safety is of the utmost importance when running a kitchen. Make sure your food prep and cafeteria staff have all the signage, charts and labels they need to maintain a clean and safe kitchen

Official street name signs

Pick up a library sign to make sure students and staff know where they can find their next favorite read and when they can stop by.

Official street name signs

When the lights go down, make sure your performers and audience know where to make their entrances and exits.

Official street name signs

Recess is the best part of the day—until someone gets hurt. Grab safety signage for your playground and surrounding areas to make sure kids and adults know the playground rules.

Official street name signs

Keep your maintenance areas safe and organized with cleaning supply shadow boards, hazardous chemical labels and Do Not Enter signs.

Our most popular product categories for schools

When conducting an audit of your school’s safety signage, be sure to check for signs that fall into these five categories. They are favorites among our education customers and will help address safety and signage needs throughout your buildings.

Fire safety and equipment

Fire safety and equipment:

In the event of a fire, there should be no confusion as to what students and teachers need to do. Clearly identify emergency exits and equipment with fire safety signage

Emergency response

Emergency response:

Much like in the case of a fire, your students and staff need to be prepared for any other emergency. Identify first aid stations and equipment as well as tornado shelters with the appropriate safety signage.



Identify wheelchair-accessible classrooms and the paths to accessible entrances and exits with accessibility signage.

No smoking

No smoking:

When it comes to smoking, vaping and tobacco, make sure there’s no question. Pick up your “no smoking” signage for your school interior and exterior.

Restroom and handwashing

Restroom and handwashing:

Avoid spreading germs through your school, keep your restrooms clean and stop nefarious activities before they can happen with bathroom signage.



Popular safety products for education facilities

Not sure what you need at your school? Wonder what other schools are doing? We can help. These products are consistently popular among our education customers in recent months. Use the link below to see more popular signs and labels. 



Make sure you’re ready for a safe school year

School safety is important to everyone. That's why we created these resources to help you ensure your facility has all the school safety signs it should have. Ths School Signage Checklist gives you an easy-to-use list of typical signs needed in each area of your school. The School Signage Audit guides you through your entire facility with signage suggestions based on items that are popular with other educators. Just walk through your school or campus, mark what you need and place your order. It's that easy. Download your checklist or audit guide today.

Back-to-School Checklist

School Signage Checklist

Education Facility Audit

School Signage Audit



School safety signage FAQs


Why do I need safety signs?
Safety signs keep teachers, students and faculty safe when on your school’s campus. They can reduce accidents, enforce school rules and make sure your building is compliant with local, state and federal regulatory codes.

What kinds of safety signs are required for compliance on educational campuses?
Most signage guidelines for schools are established at the local and state levels. For more information on local regulating agencies, visit the U.S. Department of Education website. If your school is storing any hazardous chemical cleaning products or if your campus includes a chemistry lab, kitchen, auto shop or other potentially hazardous environment, you may need to follow OSHA, ANSI and ISO safety signage guidelines. You’ll also need to make sure you meet local fire codes and appropriately mark all entrances and exits.

How do I know which safety signs I need?
Start by checking in with local and state regulations as well as the federal agencies listed above to make sure you’re meeting the minimum compliance guidelines. Then, call the experts at ComplianceSigns, who can help you determine which signs will best meet your facility’s needs.


Not finding what you need? Customize it!

We understand that the safety needs of each education facility are unique. That’s why ComplianceSigns offers customizable signs and labels, designed to meet your needs. Add your school mascot to an existing sign, alter a sign to include your school colors or design a completely customized sign from scratch. Whatever your needs, ComplianceSigns can make it happen.

Not finding what you need? Customize it!


Education safety resource center

Ensure your early education, primary education or secondary education facility is as safe as can be by staying in the know. Explore the school safety signage FAQs below or download any of the FREE education safety resources we've created.