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Make Custom NFPA 704 Hazmat Diamonds

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Health Hazard Level
Flammability Hazard Level
Instability Hazard Level
Special Hazard*
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Rating Explanation Guide
4 = Can be lethal 4 = Below 73 Degrees F 4 = May explode at normal temperatures and pressures
3 = Can cause serious or permanent injury 3 = Above 73 Degrees 3 = May explode at high temperature or shock
2 = Can cause temporary incapacitation or residual injury 2 = Above 100 Degrees F, 2 = Violent chemical change at high temperatures or pressures
1 = Can cause significant irritation 1 = Above 200 Degrees F 1 = Normally stable.  High temperatures make unstable
0 = No hazard 0 = Will not burn 0 = Stable

This chart is for reference use only.  To determine specifications, you can purchase a copy of the NFPA 704 standard here..

The National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA), in section 704 of the National Fire Code, specifies a system for identifying hazards associated with various materials. Proper identification of hazards is essential for emergency responders and anyone who needs to handle such materials.



NFPA Rating Explanation Guide

Although NFPA diamonds commonly are created with a variety of symbols, only three symbols are authorized by the NFPA for use on Hazmat Diamonds: OX, SA and W. These approved symbols are indicated on the dropdown menu above. 

   Authorized Special
Hazard Symbols
  OX - Oxidizer   ACID - Acid
  SA - Asphyxiant   ALK - Alkaline
  W - No Water   COR - Corrosive
      COR+OX - Corrosive Oxidizer
      COR+OXY - Corrosive Oxidizer
      CRY - Cryogenic
      OXY - Oxidizer Agent
      W + OX - No Water Oxidizer
      RAD - Radioactive


**Emergency responders in your area might not recognize non-authorized symbols, because they are not defined in NFPA 704. Before using these symbols, consult your local emergency response team regarding size and placement of non-authorized symbols with your NFPA diamond.


Need NFPA Diamonds with Chemical Name, CAS # or Custom Text?

You can create one here:

Custom NFPA Diamonds with Chemical Information