Spa Safety Rules for Kids

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Leaving a spa uncovered means leaving it vulnerable to environmental concerns, such as chilly winter weather. It also means added risk of accidents, especially if there are kids around. To master spa safety, one needs be very thorough with maintenance for the equipment.

Why Spa Covers

Spa covers act like a shield against the environment, as well as unforeseen calamities. Covering your spa is necessary for winterization. It also keeps the dust and other microbes in the atmosphere from entering the spa. But the most important function of spa covers is child safety. As per an online report, some 400 children aged 15 die per year because of pool or spa accidents and 4,000 plus kids suffer serious injuries because of submersion.

Child Safety Around a Spa

Additional care for kids is required when there is a spa in the vicinity. You need to be careful that the kids do not play around the area where the spa has been installed. Undoubtedly, you don’t let your kids spend any time in the hot tub or spa alone. However, when you are not around, you must see to it that they do not take advantage of your absence and creep into the spa. The risk of kids sneaking into a spa and getting injured can be reduced by making use of spa covers.

Child safety is one of the most important reasons for spa covers and spa cover lifters with enhanced properties. There are a number of steps that should be implemented for proper child safety, including:

– Ensuring that there is a fence around the spa
– The spa makes use of doors and alarms
– That everyone knows how to swim
– The temperature of the water in the spa is appropriate
– At least one of the family members has received CPR and first aid training

These steps can reduce the risk of mishaps and help ensure no one drowns. Most covers are also thick enough to protect your spa from winter snow. This is how a spa cover protects both kids and spas from damage.


Contributed by Meggie Haneckow for Master Spa.

Children Under The Age Pool Spa Safety Sign

400 15-year-old children die each year in spa-related accidents. Taking proper care of a spa and utilizing the proper spa cover can help to prevent such incidents.