SAFETY TIP: Basic Chemical Handling

Chemical safety

Many chemicals have great potential to do great harm. Use these basic tips as a starting point to ensure safe chemical handling:

– Read the label. If you need more information, check the MSDS.
– Dress the part. Wear proper protective clothing and equipment as required.
– Follow directions. If the label says, “use only with adequate ventilation,” make sure you do. Never mix chemicals unless you’ve been trained and authorized.
– Know emergency procedures. Be familiar with first aid procedures, emergency eye wash showers and posted emergency phone numbers.
– Be careful. Don’t work alone, don’t hurry or take shortcuts.
– Report any suspected problems. Report any equipment that malfunctions or needs repair, as well as anything unusual about the chemicals.
– Keep your work area neat, clean and organized.
– Store everything properly. Close containers tightly. Keep flammables in a safe area.


Chemical Signs and Labels

The key to using chemicals properly, and taking the proper precautions is knowing and understanding the Global Harmonized System pictograms. ComplianceSigns offers a wide variety of GHS warning signs and labels for work involving chemicals and pesticides.