7 Top Workplace Safety Articles of 2022

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You can count on the ComplianceSigns Connection monthly newsletter for a variety of workplace safety, 5S and related news each month. These were the seven most popular articles of 2022. As you prepare for 2023, these top workplace safety news items are worth another look.

1. Top 10 OSHA Violations of 2022

The preliminary Top 10 OSHA Violations of 2022 have been announced. Citations among the Top 10 increased 5% from 2021, marking the first increase in year-over-year citations in several years.  
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2. Have You Seen the RuleBreakers?

Every workplace has that one employee who thinks the rules just don’t apply. We call them RuleBreakers. Sure, you can write them up, but what if the universe stepped in and took care of them for you? We’ve created a new series of short videos to show what might happen.
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3. Sustaining 5S Through Thick & Thin

When stress levels are high and budgets squeezed, it’s easy to forget why 5S is a necessity. But the truth is, how well your 5S program is working often correlates to how successful the company is. That’s why 5S matters now – maybe more than ever.
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4. Heat Safety Tips from OSHA

High outdoor temps are no longer an issue, but many indoor workers need to know the steps to take to avoid heat-related illness year-round. This list from OSHA gives steps to take to avoid trouble and also how to identify warning signs.

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5. Six Best Practices for 5S Color-Code Systems

Color-coding standards are a vital part of any 5S lean or productivity initiative. With color-coding, it’s easier to find designated critical zones, control points, and reduce wasted time. Review these best practices..
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6. New ASSP Standard on Workplace Injuries

The ASSP says the new standard can help prevent injuries, illnesses and many other incidents. The Z16.1 standard provides the means to track and demonstrate the impact that safety and health efforts have on the organization’s business. 
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7. Preventing Electrical Injuries

Employee training plays a crucial role in avoiding electrical injuries at work. Fortunately, most of the electrical hazards can be easily prevented and controlled with a little caution and regular checks.
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