ComplianceSigns RuleBreakers Videos

Every workplace has that one employee who thinks the rules just don’t apply. We call them RuleBreakers. Sure, you can write them up, but what if the universe stepped in and took care of them for you? Here are some ideas we have for #csrulebreakers…

Note: No RuleBreakers or innocent bystanders were harmed in the making of these videos.

Parking Tag Required!

The RuleBreaker wants to park in a reserved area without a parking permit tag. What could happen?

————————- #cssrulebreakers ————————-

Hazard Dance

This time he’s ignoring hazard safety tape. He’s having fun, but not for long…

————————- #cssrulebreakers ————————-

Put It Back!

This time the RuleBreaker is messing up someone’s 5s tool shadow board. But the board has other ideas…

————————- #cssrulebreakers ————————-

Hands Off!

What will happen when the Rulebreaker ignores a safety tag?

————————- #cssrulebreakers ————————-

No Parking!

A No Parking sign that enforces the rule for you? We wish…

————————- #cssrulebreakers ————————-

Not An Exit!

Will the RuleBreaker make his own private exit? He might be sorry…

————————- #cssrulebreakers ————————-

Hard Head!

The RuleBreaker is ignoring a critical PPE safety sign… for a while.

————————- #cssrulebreakers ————————-

Parking Permit Required!

Will the RuleBreaker’s do-it-yourself parking permit do the trick?

————————- #cssrulebreakers ————————-

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