6 Types of Motivational Posters You Need in Your Office

Motivational posters in an office hallway

Employee turnover is expensive. Recent research found that the cost of replacing highly-trained employees can be twice their annual salary. Yikes! So it’s essential to do everything in your power—short of chaining them to their desks—to keep your employees around. One way to retain employees is to foster a fun and respectful working environment with motivational and inspirational posters. (An in-office bar, ping pong table and fully stocked snack closet also help.) 

Below are six types of motivational posters you can use in your office to help keep employees happy, motivated and engaged. 

1) Promote teamwork 

They say teamwork makes the dream work, but we also think it makes your employees work. And studies prove that to be true. Employees who feel there’s a low level of respect between colleagues are 26% more likely to quit their jobs. And happy employees stick around. 

2) Encourage employees to take ownership. 

We find the most success when we treat our employees like adults—and part of that includes encouraging them to take ownership of their work and their actions. We also like them to show up on time and be prepared. Empower your employees with these motivational posters

3) Keep things positive  

Nobody likes a negative Nancy. And one person’s actions can create a chain reaction that results in a toxic work environment. No thanks. Create a lively atmosphere and cut off Nancy’s complaining with bright, engaging, team-building posters. 

4) Shine a light on hard work  

You want your employees to work hard, but employees need a little bit of guidance and acknowledgment. According to Qualtrics, employees whose managers consistently acknowledge their excellent work are 5x more likely to stay at the company. So don’t forget to throw your team a bone now and again and let them know that you don’t expect perfection. You expect progress.

6) Motivate them to succeed 

Working hard becomes much easier when you are passionate about your job. Encourage your employees to think big, take calculated risks, and follow their passions to keep them engaged. Because engaged and committed employees are 87% less likely to leave.   

Instill confidence in your employees 

To get the most out of your employees, you need to make them feel empowered, accepted, and respected. Create an environment that values people with integrity, is intolerant of gossip and encourages people to be themselves.   

Although we can’t help with office bar, ping pong table, or snack closet, we can offer you these 6 types of motivational posters to help you create an environment where people feel inspired. Browse posters from the six categories above and explore our full collection to find messages that align with your company values.

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