15 Signs You Need in Your Parking Garage or Parking Lot

No Parking Sign

As the owner or manager of a parking facility, your number one goal should be keeping people safe on your property. It’s also important to ensure your parking structure complies with ADA regulations for accessibility, and state and local codes. To do that, you’ll need several safety signs.

When it comes to parking garage signs, parking lot signs, or street parking signs for the exterior of your building, ComplianceSigns has everything you need. Below are 15 of the most popular types of parking and traffic signs. Browse through them to determine what you need in your facility to keep things moving—and moving safely.

No Parking Signs

If a car or truck is blocking a building’s entrance/exit, it can be extremely problematic. Not only is it inconvenient for the people trying to enter and exit the building, but it’s also a safety hazard and potentially violates state and local regulations. Keep your building safe and ensure cars and trucks can move through your lot or garage easily with “no parking” signs.

Fire and Emergency Lane Signs

Make sure fire trucks, ambulances, and other emergency vehicles can access your building in the case of an emergency by marking fire and emergency lanes with the appropriate signage. ComplianceSigns emergency and fire lane signs are made with highly reflective aluminum and prismatic reflective labels, so they can be seen easily at night and in low-light conditions.

Directional Signs and Arrows

The last thing you want in your parking lot or garage is an accident. Prevent vehicle collisions by making sure traffic routes are established with directional signs and arrows. ComplianceSigns also offers signs that direct pedestrians and drivers to exits, shipping and receiving zones, and visitor parking, so there aren’t any holdups as people try to navigate your structure.

Traffic Control Signs

One of the best ways to prevent accidents on your property is to post signs that control the flow of traffic. Get all the traffic signs you need for your parking facility, including stop signs, “do not enter” signs, speed limit signs and yield signs from ComplianceSigns.

Parking Lot Signs

Blue Handicap Parking Sign Only Sign with SymbolReflective No Parking Siwn with SymbolVan Accessible Sign for Handicapped Parking SpaceReflective No Parking Any Time Sign

Accessible Parking Signs

Designate parking spots for people with disabilities with our full line of accessible parking signs. While many of our signs meet current ADA standards, some signs feature the new Dynamic Accessibility symbol, which is currently accepted in New York, Connecticut and some specific cities. Be sure to check with local and state regulations to determine which signs you need to maintain a compliant facility.

Did you know?

  • Accessible parking spaces must be designated as reserved by a sign showing the symbol of accessibility.
  • Accessible spaces serving a particular building must be located on the shortest accessible route of travel from adjacent parking to an accessible entrance.
  • In buildings with multiple accessible entrances with adjacent parking, accessible parking spaces shall be dispersed and located closest to the accessible entrances.

Alternative Fuel Parking and Charging Stations

Show your support for alternative fuel sources by reserving prime parking spaces for electric and energy-efficient vehicles. ComplianceSigns also has signage you can use to identify charging stations in your parking facility. Pick up your alternative fuel parking and charging station signs today.

No Cell Phone and No Texting Signage

According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, distracted driving claims more than 3,000 lives each year. Remind people that texting and driving are illegal with a “no texting” sign. And if you’re looking for signage for a school parking lot and want to make sure drivers are 100 percent focused on the road, you should also grab the no cell phone area” signage to post in the parking lot of your school.

Time Limit Parking Signs

If your parking lot or garage puts any time restriction on parking, whether it’s two-hour parking or specific hours when parking is or isn’t allowed, make sure to clearly display those rules with the appropriate signage. These signs are especially helpful in high-traffic areas where parking is limited.

No Stopping and No Idling Signs

Whether you’re trying to keep traffic moving near a building entrance or are worried about the negative effects idling can have on the environment, ComplianceSigns has the signage you need to keep people from stopping or standing in areas where they shouldn’t be doing so.

Parking Garage Stencils

Double down on your message by painting it directly onto the concrete. With our parking stencils, you can easily mark floor numbers, accessible parking spots, loading zones, permit parking spots and more. These stencils are incredibly easy to use and will hold their shape after multiple uses.

Pick-up/Drop-off Signs

Businesses that frequently receive deliveries or have high-traffic drop-off zones like schools and airports can benefit greatly from a pick-up or drop-off zone. It keeps vehicles from idling or parking in high-traffic areas and ensures your partners or visitors know exactly where to go to accomplish their task. If you have a designated pick-up or drop-off zone, be sure to call attention to it with a brightly colored sign. ComplianceSigns has pick-up/drop-off zone signage for schools, hospitals, restaurants and other businesses, so you can ensure there’s no confusion during your busiest hours.

Reserved Parking Signs

ComplianceSigns has a whole line of reserved parking signs, including signs for visitor parking, customer parking, employee parking, resident parking and even customizable signs for parking spaces reserved for individuals. If you need to establish reserved parking spaces of any kind, we can help.

Tow-zone Signs

Make sure visitors understand where they can and cannot park—and what the consequences are for disobeying those rules. Browse through our collection of the tow-away zone, parking permit zone, handicap parking, employee parking, hospital zone, and fire lane signs.

Blank Parking Signs

For those looking to get creative and write their own message, pick up a blank sign and customize it with a unique message or design. Choose from a variety of colors with or without borders. Write on these signs with a permanent marker or use vinyl lettering or paint to create your own distinctive sign.

Custom Parking Signs

If you’re not finding the exact sign you need, we’d like to help you create a custom one. With ComplianceSigns, you can completely customize your sign using a template or even build one from scratch, choosing the colors, text, design, and size. Build your sign online using our design tool or call us and our design experts will mock something up for you. When it comes to custom signs from ComplianceSigns, the sky’s the limit.

Sign Posts and Mounting Hardware

A parking sign won’t do much good if it’s sitting in your office. Make sure you have all the mounting hardware and equipment you need to actually hang and secure your safety signs, including nuts, bolts, fence attachments, signposts, chains, and stands.

 ComplianceSigns parking signage comes in a variety of mounting options, colors, styles, and materials to meet your every need. Our tough, durable signs are built to withstand the elements and are covered with a clear laminate that resists UV light, chemicals, cracks, abrasion, and moisture, so they’ll last outside for years. Because you need to promote safe driving day and night, many of our signs are made with a reflective material, so they can be read in low-light and nighttime conditions.


Parking Sign Resources:

Though most parking and traffic laws are established at the state and local level, your business needs to comply with ADA regulations for accessibility. You should also be familiar with the FHA Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices, which describes expected standards for the placement of “no parking” and other traffic control signs.

Need additional help finding the right safety signage for your parking lot or parking garage? Contact the experts at ComplianceSigns, who can help you find or make a sign that meets your needs. And make sure your employees, residents, customers, and visitors remain safe once inside your building with our entire line of safety signs.