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In an effort to help companies start building strong, effective safety programs, has issued the “1000 Safe Days Challenge.” A recent study by the National Safety Council found that workplace injuries cost American society $171 billion annually. The “1000 Safe Days Challenge” is designed to provide companies with tools and information to help reach workplace safety goals as well as incentives for remaining accident-free for long stretches of time. This can save money and save lives.

Companies that sign up for the “1000 Safe Days Challenge” will receive informative and encouraging emails with actionable tips, checklists and advice to help them achieve 1000 safe days. They will also have access to the Resource Hub with expert articles and information on a wide variety of workplace safety topics. Challenge participants will be invited to an exclusive “1000 Safe Days Challenge” Linkedin Group, and receive recognition as they achieve challenge milestones, plus special offers and discounts on products to help them reach their goals.

“It’s easy to talk about workplace safety but to create an effective safety program that protects your employees day after day takes a significant commitment. We want to encourage companies to make that commitment and help them understand the value of a true safety culture for both their employees and their brand. We also want to make workplace safety a little easier. That’s what this Challenge is all about,” said Lain Livingston, Director of eCommerce at

Interested persons can sign up for the program at The program is completely free and no purchase is necessary.

Since 2005, has been a leading U.S. manufacturer of regulatory-compliant safety signs and labels, parking signs, no smoking labels, Braille restroom signs and a wide variety of other workplace identification signage.

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