Top Safety News for November 2022

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  • COPD risks elevated in some industries, occupations
  • New respirator selection guide for construction
  • What is Kaizen and what can it do for your business?
  • New RuleBreakers videos bring some fun to workplace safety

COPD Risk is Increased for Certain Industries and Occupations

Occupational exposures are important causes of COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), contributing to an estimated 14% of all cases. NIOSH has identified 6 industries, 5 occupations and several occupational exposures with significantly elevated COPD risks. Read the Report

Respirator Selection Guide for the Construction Industry

This NIOSH fact sheet will help construction companies understand the basics of respirator selection. It provides companies a central resource for respirator selection recommendations specific to the construction industry. Download Here

What Is Kaizen? Guide to Lean Manufacturing

Kaizen is a business philosophy of continuous improvement of all functions and employees. Kaizen in manufacturing is gaining popularity due to its ability to improve quality and efficiency. It allows manufacturers to create a better product and a happier workplace. Learn More

Save Employee Lives: Embrace Lockout Tags

The first step to protecting your employees with a LOTO program is to understand OSHA’s guidelines. A recent post covers the basics of establishing an effective lockout/tagout program. Read More

Have You Seen the RuleBreakers?

Every workplace has that one employee who thinks the rules just don’t apply. We call them RuleBreakers. Sure, you can write them up, but what if the universe stepped in and took care of them for you? We’ve created a new series of short videos to show what might happen. Watch Now

Beware Workplace Carbon Monoxide Dangers

Every year hundreds of workers experience carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning, especially during the winter months with closed buildings and increased use of furnaces, space heaters and generators. But you can take steps to help stop workplace carbon monoxide dangers. Learn More

News & Notes

Survey: Health and safety, compliance remain key concerns
EHS pros believe that a higher level of EHS and ESG maturity in their organizations can drive new business, attract the best workers, and overcome regulatory compliance hurdles, according to recent findings. Learn More

Complete guide to workplace safety signs
This extensive guide to workplace safety signs, their meanings, and best practices for use is designed to help you navigate the complex web of rules and regulations that govern their display. See the Guide

Does Your Team Use the NIOSH Ladder Safety App?

The free app provides user-friendly guides and interactive tools to prevent major causes of falls. Available for Android or iOS. Learn More

Upcoming Safety Webinars Presented by OH&S:

  • Dec. 1 – Hearing protection: Noise reduction and more
  • Dec. 7 – Injury and illness recordkeeping: FAQs and common violations
  • Dec. 8 – Leveraging technology to reduce fall risk
  • Jan. 11 – Meeting OSHA’s first aid requirements
  • Learn More or Sign Up

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