Top Safety News for March 2023

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  • Free employer resources for Distracted Driving Month
  • Can fitness reduce injuries and absenteeism?
  • 5S training tips
  • Critical workplace steps to prevent suicide
  • Save 10% on tool shadow boards and line projectors until April 15

Resources for Distracted Driving Awareness Month

April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month, and the National Safety Council has prepared a variety of free resources for business, including a driving policy template to help eliminate distracted driving on the job. Learn More

Why Fitness in The Workplace is Important

Fitness in the workplace can play a vital role in improving worker health and safety. From reducing stress and absenteeism to improving mental health and job satisfaction, the benefits are many. More Info at OH&S

How To Read Safety Tags

When used correctly, safety tags protect your people and potentially saves lives. This guide explains how to select and use safety tags – and how to encourage employees to read them. Learn More

5S Training Tips

Getting results from 5S training requires that both the trainer and materials be engaging, practical, timely and relevant and for supervisors to lead from the front lines. Here’s a 2-part approach to help you achieve success. Learn More

Critical Steps Your Workplace Can Take Today to Prevent Suicide

Workplaces are an important setting for suicide prevention efforts. Co-workers and supervisors often notice important changes in thoughts or behaviors that may be signals for increased suicide risk. Learn More

Safety Tip: Identify and Address Pinch Points

Pinch points (or nip points) are common hazards in many workplaces, but pinch point injuries are often avoidable. With proper safeguards you can keep workers’ hands  – and other extremities – safe. Check these pinch point tips to protect workers and employers. Learn More

News & Notes

Six Conceptual Ideas For Addressing Workplace Safety Issues

Six safety pros recently identified conceptual tools to address common challenges in the safety profession, including theories that can be applied to any workplace. Read more

Personal Protective Equipment Fit in the Construction Sector
Construction workers rely on PPE every day, but that equipment must fit properly to provide adequate protection. A new post at the NIOSH Science Blog looks at this growing problem and gives recommendations. Read more.

National Work Zone Awareness Week is April 17-21

With road construction season starting to pick up, it’s time to increase public awareness of work zone safety by getting involved in National Work Zone Awareness Week. Learn more.

Upcoming safety webinars presented by OH&S

  • April 5 – Most-cited OSHA standards of 2022
  • April 12 – Keys to preventing workplace bullying and violence
  • April 19 – Why traditional hardhats may fail
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