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Top 10 Workplace Safety Articles of 2020

COVID-19, Industrial / Construction, Safety News, Social Distancing

These 10 health and workplace safety articles from our Connection newsletters generated a lot of interest in 2020. It’s no surprise that COVID dominates the list with 7 of the top-10 most-read posts. We do our best to keep you up-to-date on new rules, tools and tips that can help keep your workplace safe and in compliance. These articles make good reading as you plan for 2021.

1. Lessons Learned: Frequently Cited Standards Related to COVID-19 Inspections

This pdf document from OSHA lists examples of requirements that employers have most frequently failed to follow when receiving COVID-19 citations. Download it here.

2. OSHA Employer Alerts on COVID-19

Federal OSHA continues to monitor the Coronavirus pandemic situation and issue COVID-19 updates for employers. Here’s a rundown of OSHA COVID-19 alerts, news and updates.

OSHA Issues Employer Alerts on COVID-19


3. CDC COVID-19 Guidance for Businesses and Employers

Employers and workers should use this planning guidance to help identify risk levels in workplace settings and to determine appropriate control measures to implement. Learn More.

4. OSHA Guidance on Preparing Workplaces for COVID-19

OSHA prepared a document to help employers prepare for the pandemic. The document contains recommendations and descriptions of mandatory safety and health standards to help employers and workers identify workplace risk levels and determine appropriate control measures.

OSHA Guidance on Preparing Workplaces for COVID-19


5. New OSHA COVID-19 FAQs – and Fines

​As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, OSHA has released new COVID-19 FAQs for employers, as well as information on COVID citations and fines.

New OSHA COVID-19 FAQs – and Fines

6. CDC Resuming Business Toolkit

The Resuming Business Toolkit is designed to assist employers in slowing the spread of COVID-19 [1] and lowering the impact in their workplace when reintegrating employees into non-healthcare business settings. Get the kit here.

7. Construction Safety Practices for COVID-19

To protect employees – and deadlines – construction companies and workers must follow construction safety practices for COVID-19. This summary covers key topics.

8. Causes and Costs of the Top 10 Disabling Workplace Injuries

The annual Liberty Mutual Workplace Safety Index documents the top ten causes of the most serious workplace injuries – those causing an employee to miss five or more days from work. It then ranks them by their direct cost to employers, considering medical and lost-wage payments.

Causes and Costs of the Top 10 Disabling Workplace Injuries

9. The 10 Highest OSHA Fines of 2019

Federal OSHA issued some hefty fines in 2019. The top fine was more than $1.7 million, and the top 10 fines together totaled more than $9.7 million. Add the next five highest fines and the total jumps to more than $12 million. The number of fines seem to be on the rise.

The 10 Highest OSHA Fines of 2019 – and New Penalties for 2020

10. OSHA Actions in First Quarter of 2020: Fines, Prison, Contempt and Retaliation Charges

Federal OSHA fines from January to March 2020 totaled $5,869,983. OSHA inspections resulted in 22 significant fines (over $100,000) in that period, as well as a 30-day prison sentence and a contempt charge.

OSHA Actions in First Quarter of 2020: $6 Million in Fines, a Prison Sentence, Contempt and Retaliation Charges


None of us ever thought we’d look back fondly to the days of news about OSHA violation lists, drug testing and new safety glove guidelines. But as we review these 2020 workplace safety articles there’s one thing we can count on: New workplace safety challenges in 2021.

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