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Tag Hauler: The One Safety Tool That Will Save You Hours of Frustration

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It’s happened again! A vital piece of equipment is not working correctly and poses a safety hazard in your facility. You need to mark it with a safety tag so everyone knows that they should not use it until it can get repaired. But, where are those tags? You look in every drawer, file, and toolbox you can find until you finally find the right tag, but it’s dirty and ripped to the point where it’s no longer useable. Now what? You can’t wait for a new order of tags to come in. That machine needs to be marked now.

You must either find a way to get the tag you need ASAP or put up a makeshift sign with marker and paper and hope you don’t get a surprise inspection. Unfortunately, neither option is a good one.

Something as small and simple as a safety tag can create a giant headache when you don’t have the right one. Be proactive. Figure out which tags you use the most and stock up with a Tag Hauler from You’ll save hours of frustration.

What is a Tag Hauler?

A Tag Hauler is a portable safety tag dispenser with a roll of — you guessed it — safety tags inside. It’s one of ComplianceSigns’ newest products, and it’s simple, lightweight and protects and dispenses tags easily. You can get the tags you use the most in quantities of 100 or 250, and finally stop worrying if you have any useable tags around. You can take a Tag Hauler with you when you’re working on the go, or store it easily on a shelf so you can find the tags you need just when you need them.


Why Use a Tag Hauler?

Like most great inventions, the Tag Hauler was created to solve a problem. Actually, it solves several problems. It’s the safety product you didn’t know you needed until now. Here are 6 reasons why a Tag Hauler is a smart addition to your safety program:

1.   Stay Organized

Most businesses have tags lying around loose in a drawer, file cabinet, or worse – multiple locations. When you realize you need one, the hunt is on! Trying to find the tag you need can be a real challenge. A Tag Hauler keeps one type of tag all together and ready to use.

2.   Protect Tags

Tags that lie around loose can get torn, dirty or ruined by liquids. The cardboard Tag Hauler not only keeps tags in one place, it protects them so when you need one it’s brand new and ready to go.

3.   Keep Crucial Tags On Hand

Do you find yourself hunting for one or two types of tags most frequently? What happens when you can’t find them? Eliminate the worry by ordering in bulk. Tag Haulers can be ordered with 100 or 250 tags so you’ll have the tags you need most often on hand at all times.

4.   Dozens of Messages Available

Not every business uses the same safety tag messages. Tag Haulers are available with dozens of messages including: caution, defective equipment, lockout and more. With one order you can get all the tags you need for the next year and beyond.

Workers using a Tag Hauler
Tag Hauler is the easy way to take tags anywhere you need them.
Hot work permit tags in a Tag Hauler
Tag Haulers are available with a wide variety of different safety tags.
Portable Tag Hauler
Tag Haulers protect tags and keep them organized for easy access.

5.   High-Quality Tags

These safety tags are tear-resistant, waterproof, scuff-resistant and recyclable. Regardless of where you need to put them they are made to handle any environment. Simple cardboard tags can easily tear or break down when wet. These ComplianceSigns tags are durable enough to get the job done.

6.   Customizable

Whether you need a unique message or you want to include your company logo and wording, our tags can be customized to suit your needs. You can even choose to get grommets to add extra strength to the tag. Really want your tags to stand out? Customize the color scheme to draw attention to them (unless colors are dictated by safety code).


Don’t Get Caught Without Tags – Get the Tag Hauler

Don’t wait until you can’t find the tag you need. The Tag Hauler is a simple solution to this problem. Once you determine which tags you use the most, order a Tag Hauler for each one, establish a storage area for them and set them up. You’ll never have to dig through drawers or tool boxes again hunting for the tag you need. It’s one less thing to worry about and a simple way to improve your overall safety program.


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