Security Signs Make Homes and Businesses Safer

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The most effective means of securing your property are often the least expensive ones. A little deterrence goes a long way. A burglar, when presented with the choice, will almost always take the path of least resistance because burglary is a crime of opportunity. So when spotting something as simple as a video surveillance sign or, even more basic, a no trespassing sign, intruders may look elsewhere for less complicated prospects.

Below you will find a brief discussion of security signs, an explanation of why and how they are used, and advice on how to make them the most effective at warding off unwelcome guests.

A Valiant Two-Dimensional Sentry

Security signs are like guards posted on duty at your home or business: they have the power to intimidate those not authorized to be on your property, simply by their presence. Signs, when combined with other boundaries such as fencing, enable you to mark your territory. And some – such as No Trespassing signs – are enforceable by law in some places, protecting you against legal retaliation if a person gets injured on your premises.

Surveys of convicted burglars demonstrate that prefer to steer clear of a house marked with signage simply because running the risk of tripping an alarm system or being caught on tape make it much more likely they will get caught, even if they are successful in taking your stuff. Security signs make the consequences of forced entry evident to would-be intruders.

Where and How to Place Security Signs

Security signs, especially video surveillance signs, should be placed conspicuously in an area with adequate light, near the exit and entryways of your home or business. More than one sign may be necessary since a burglar isn’t going to survey just one point of entry. A sign near the main entrance might not be the best option if other, more central areas offer more exposure.

Make sure the security signs are of a weather-resistant and durable material, and that they look professional and not out-of-date. It’s important as well to maintain the area so that vines or other foliage do not obscure the signs. In addition to security signs, stickers should be placed in windows and doors, especially in the rear and on the sides of your home, at eye level where an intruder will easily see them.

But Do They Work?

Those skeptical of the effectiveness of security signs alone might argue that since the practice has become common, burglars ignore them, suspecting that signs might be “just for show.” This criticism is not without merit, but for those who cannot afford video surveillance or alarm systems, this method of crime deterrence goes a long way.

Those who desire more peace-of-mind supplement their security signs with fully equipped business or home security systems. Such systems provide monitoring services that enable immediate dispatch of police, giving a sense of security that signs alone cannot always supply.