What to Know About New York Restroom Signs

Our New York Restroom Signs Compliance – Resource Bulletin will help you understand some of the rules and regulations regarding sign requirements for single-occupant restrooms in New York.

Topics include:

  • Where these requirements apply
  • Specifics from the current laws
  • Gender neutral offerings
  • Links to relevant regulations

Click the image to open this bulletin as a pdf file.

Bulletin Overview

New York City – Did you realize that as of January 1, 2017, a new signage requirement went into effect for single-occupant toilet rooms?

Pursuant to amended New York City Plumbing Code, Section 403.1.1 Single-occupant toilet rooms, “All single-occupant toilet rooms shall be made available for use by persons of any sex….”

Further, in amended Section 403.4 Signage, “Required public facilities shall be designated by a legible sign for each sex, or for a single-occupant toilet room, for all sexes. Signs shall be readily visible and located near the entrance to each toilet facility….”

We have a vast array of signs to help meet your needs for this new requirement. We have different wording and combinations of symbols to indicate the facility is available for all sexes.