The Intersection of 5S and Lean Manufacturing

5S organization simplifies the workplace

As a practitioner of 5S, you work hard at your job every day. Your company completes checklists, uses signage, and effectively marks the floors. But, what many practitioners of 5S do not realize is that 5S is a giant step forward in a successful Lean execution.

Join David Visco, author of 5S Made Easy and founder of The 5S Store, and Scott Gauvin, CEO of management consulting firm, Macresco. If you’re a company with Lean manufacturing in place, this is the topic for you. We’re bringing you great content to help visualize and understand the relationship between 5S and Lean.

In this webinar with Lean Manufacturing Expert, Scott Gauvin, you will learn:

  • How 5S supports Lean manufacturing
  • The importance of 5S basics
  • How 5S basics can give you a head start on Lean
  • Why 5S basics are so important to a successful Lean implementation

Resources for Lean Manufacturing and 5S

Use these resources to help you think about the intersection of 5S and lean:

Meet Your 5S Guides

Scott Gauvin is the CEO of management-consulting firm Macresco and a seasoned change agent with over 25 years experience successfully helping organizations realize their potential. Throughout his career, Scott’s focus has been on driving performance gains through organizational alignment and a progressive approach to operations strategy. 

He has advised companies the world over and across a wide range of industries. 

He holds a BA from the University of Massachusetts, an MBA from Boston University and is a Six Sigma Black Belt. Scott is also a frequent speaker and has presented for the American Society of Quality, The Shingo Conference, The Association for Manufacturing Excellence, Fabtech, and others.

David Visco is the author of 5S Made Easy and the founder of The 5S Store. Today, he is sharing important tips you can use to ensure that implementing and sustaining 5S is a success in your company.

Learn the secrets to building 5S teams by joining in this 30-minute webinar. You’ll be glad you did!