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COVID-19 Safety Tips for Voting Centers

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Polling jurisdictions face serious challenges to safely conduct in-person voting during the COVID-19 pandemic. Health and safety are top concerns for both voters and poll workers. has developed a free guide with COVID-19 safety tips for voting center administrators to help keep poll workers and voters safe from coronavirus this election season.

The free voting center guide includes:

  • 5 key COVID-19 safety tips for voting centers to consider before election day
  • CDC recommendations for safe polling activities
  • CDC guidelines for posting recommended signage
  • A checklist of recommended safety materials
  • and more.

In the COVID-19 environment, the CDC recommends that election officials understand potential election management considerations associated with health and safety at voting locations. Regardless of the size of a jurisdiction’s in-person operation, methods should be developed to protect the health and safety of poll workers and voters.

CDC recommendations for safe elections during the pandemic

  • Educate poll workers about when they should stay home and when they can return to work.
  • Provide an alcohol-based hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol for use at each step in the polling process where voters interact with poll workers, after using the voting machine, and as the final step in the voting process.
  • Recommend and reinforce the use of masks among all workers.
  • Post signs in key areas to promote social distancing and other protective measures that help stop the spread of germs.

Plan ahead to help stop COVID-19 spread

  • Modify polling place layout to accommodate social distancing guidelines
  • Encourage proper hygiene, sanitation and waste disposal
  • Address crowds, line management and traffic flow as voters enter and exit the site
  • Separate and protect at-risk voters
  • Plan for management of voters with symptoms, or workers who may become ill has the COVID-19 safety products voting centers need has developed a wide variety of COVID-related:

and other items voting centers can use to improve safety for early voting and election day. Our Coronavirus page includes links to OSHA guidance, COVID myths, cleaning and disinfection recommendations from the CDC, and other important information. We hope these COVID-19 safety tips for voting centers will help protect workers and voters during election season.

The U.S. Election Assistance Commission (EAC) is an independent, bipartisan commission charged with developing guidance to meet voting act requirements, adopting voluntary voting system guidelines and serving as a national clearinghouse of information on election administration. EAC also accredits testing laboratories and certifies voting systems. The EAC recommends regularly visiting state and local election websites for the most up-to-date election information.

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