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COVID-19 Safety Tips for Schools and Universities

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Schools and educational institutions across the country are working hard to keep students and staff safe from COVID-19, and it’s a huge task. To make that task a little easier, has assembled two guides with COVID-19 safety tips for schools. Each includes practical tips, resources and suggestions that universities, schools and other educational facilities can use to help reduce the risk of COVID-19 outbreaks during the school year. 

Free COVID-19 Guide for Primary Schools

COVID-19 Safety Tips for Administrators, Principals and Teachers addresses CDC considerations for pre- and primary schools. The guide includes nine specific tips as well as general guidance to help schools protect students and staff from the coronavirus. It also presents links to varied resources, specific CDC guidance for schools and information on promoting behaviors that reduce the spread of the disease.


Free COVID-19 Guide for Higher Education

COVID-19 Safety Tips for Colleges and Universities addresses the expanded challenges presented by the campus setting common in institutions of higher education. This guide identifies risk assessments for educational and on-campus housing settings and presents specific COVID-19 safety tips for both areas. It offers general guidance to help universities protect students, faculty and staff from the coronavirus. It also includes links to varied resources, specific CDC guidance for schools and information on promoting behaviors that reduce the spread of the disease.


Communicating School COVID-19 Requirements and Promoting Safe Behaviors

The CDC recommends that schools promote behaviors that reduce the spread of coronavirus, including posting prominent signs and messages:

  • Post signs in highly visible locations (e.g., building entrances, restrooms, dining areas) to promote everyday protective measures and describe how to stop the spread of germs (such as by properly washing hands and properly wearing a mask).
  • Include messages about behaviors that prevent the spread of COVID-19 when communicating with faculty, staff and students.

Schools should also consider posting messages in high-traffic areas such as sidewalks and parking lots in addition to hallways and restrooms. Colorful floor labels attract attention and can be useful to direct pedestrian traffic in desired patterns. has the COVID-19 Safety Products Schools Need has developed a wide variety of COVID-related:

and other items schools can use to improve safety in their facilities. Our Coronavirus page includes links to OSHA guidance, COVID myths, cleaning and disinfection recommendations from the CDC, and other important information.


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We hope you’ll find these COVID-19 Safety Tips for Schools useful. We are also planning a new resource specifically for teachers, which will be available soon. Together, we can help protect your students as we all face the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic.


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