Do You Use Business Parking Permits? Here’s Everything You Need To Know

Security worker enforcing parking rules

A key part of safety for any organization is tracking who is on their property and why. To help accomplish this, many companies restrict parking. Requiring a parking permit for vehicles to remain at a facility makes it easier to ensure that the right people are accessing the building. It also reduces liability. Whether you are instituting a new parking policy or training workers to adhere to new rules, there are several things to keep in mind regarding business parking permits.

Best Parking Permit Practices for Management

To create a new parking policy for your company, start with careful evaluation. Consider the best way to improve safety and how your parking plan contributes to that. This should include whether there will be different types of permits for different people, who is in charge of issuing permits and how long passes are valid before they expire. Determine whether you will use numbered permits, which allows you to trace each one to a specific person.

Consider different types of business parking permits. Flexible plastic hang tags that dangle from the rear-view mirror are easy to use, easily transferrable and a good choice for short-term use. Window cling permits are applied to windows from the inside, making them a good long-term choice. Cling decals are less likely to be lost, shared or stolen.

You can also post custom signs that clearly mark your business parking areas. If possible, add your logo to both the signs and the parking decals to minimize confusion for your staff and visitors.

Communicating Parking Rules To Staff

When you create permits for a parking area, you can do several things to avoid hassle or problems. First, make sure the administrators of the parking system collect all pertinent information from anyone who gets a pass. This includes driver’s license numbers and vehicle plate numbers. There should also be clear directions for how workers can update their information.

Next, make specific rules for displaying permits. The parking permit should be clearly seen. Use training and visual aids to help employees place decals in the proper place. Place signage to coordinate business parking permits with the spots they allow access to. For instance, you can get parking signs in colors to match permits so everyone can quickly see where to go.

Parking enforcement also needs protocols to prevent people from sharing permits. There is a potential security risk whenever an authorized person or vehicle uses another person’s assigned permit. Ensure that all workers know not to give their decals to anyone else and create a policy for dealing with lost or stolen permits. It’s also good to limit access to the parking lot or garage so parking attendants or security personnel can check credentials at just a few designated points.

Train your staff so everyone knows the permitted parking locations and how you will check the passes. This will reduce confusion and frustration for everyone.

Simplify Operations

Parking is a logistical reality for any facility that gathers workers together in one place. To make sure everyone has proper access to parking, issuing decals for employees is a good idea. You can increase security while offering workers clear options for where to park.

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