How to Be a Safety Hero

Have you ever read the remarkably powerful Don Merrill poem about choosing to look the other way instead of seeking safety? In his poem he writes, “I could have saved a life that day, But I chose to look the other way, It wasn’t that I didn’t care, I had the time, I was there….”.

Don’t let those words become your reality. Become a safety hero.

Every day in businesses everywhere, people like safety managers, supervisors, human resource teams, and workers alike are faced with choices – to either throw safety practices out the window or take safety personally and precautions to heart.

Choosing to be a safety hero is a key attribute of a good safety manager.

Look around you for a moment and take the time to learn from incidents that happen in your workplace or ones you’ve heard about in a similar industry. When you see a written near miss or accident, learn what you can do to prevent it.

Speak up, talk about safety, and make a stand to always do the right thing!

Advocate the importance of safety training in your daily actions and showcase safety in your workplace with eye-capturing images and bold messages that resonate with others.

Next time you hear employees complain about safety training in the workplace, remind them about something like the miracle on Hudson – the hero’s behind the U.S. Airways Flight 1549 on January 16, 2009, in the Hudson River. Because these workers actively participated in safety training, they were able to save hundreds of lives during that remarkable accident.

Give applause to everyday safety hero’s and motivate others to be safety hero’s, too!

When safety hero’s go unrecognized, everyone misses out. Your workplace misses out on hearing their stories and learning from their safe ways. Who are the unrecognized safety heroes in your workplace and how can you motivate them?

Here are nine ways you can encourage others to be their own safety hero:

  1.  Guard yourself against workplace accidents by being aware of hazards and safety procedures.
  2. Be a good example, practice safety in every aspect of your daily function.
  3. Learn safe habits- like lifting properly. Proper lifting requires a staggered stance and the load to be kept close. Keep your head up. Don’t twist.
  4. Actively participate in your company’s safety committee meeting
  5. Mentor your new employees so they can focus on safety and learn the right practices
  6. Participate in a safety inspection in the work area and always identify items that aren’t functioning properly
  7. Inspect equipment before use, such as ladders and power tools
  8. Report unsafe conditions such as broken equipment, leaks, insufficient lighting, improper labeling of chemical containers, and unsafe work practices
  9. If a situation feels wrong or unsafe, stop what you’re doing and talk with a supervisor about concerns. Don’t put yourself at risk.

At the start and end of a day, safety is everyone’s responsibility. Do your part to motivate safety heroes – and be one – in your workplace!

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