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Tool Control

Our Tool Control solutions help your team accomplish more by doing less.

Time spent searching for tools falls under the 8 wastes that hinder productivity in any facility. Tool control solutions are a sure-fire way to set your workplace in order and eliminate wasted time. We stock a variety of high-quality pegboards for tool storage in PVC, steel, or stainless steel, along with the most reliable pegboard hooks on the market. Add tool shadows to any pegboard for improved safety and efficiency, as a quick glance makes it clear which tools are missing.

For drawer storage, we have quick-release MagClip Magnetic Tool Storing Systems and long-lasting foam tool organizers.

Don’t forget our best-selling custom tool shadow boards. Custom boards help you succeed at every phase of the 5S initiative, but who has time to create them? Accomplish more by doing less - let us handle that for you!

For even greater tool control, try Plasti-Dip from Performix. 

This water-tight, flexible rubber coating can provide a better grip on your tools, yet it is easily removable when needed. Color-code your tools with Plasti-Dip for enhanced visual management. Whatever your Tool Control needs, you'll find the solution here.

Tool Control