Improve Your Safety Program with Safety Posters

3 safety posters

“Safety training is boring!” or “We’ve always done it this way, why do we need to change anything?” are frequent complaints from employees about training. Despite the undesirable feedback, preventable incidents continue to occur in every industry. That’s why now more than ever, organizations need creative ways to engage with their employees, so they keep safe work practices top of mind.

Employees require communication beyond the safety meetings or briefings they regularly attend. In order to effectively communicate your safety program, you’ll need to improve your communication practices. By actively demonstrating and promoting your organization’s values and sending powerful safety messages, you can communicate that your top priority is a safe work environment. 

How can you grab their attention? Safety posters are one of the easiest and most effective ways to increase your communications consistency, while reinforcing your key safety messages.

Posters Engage

Research has shown that people tend to remember 70 to 80 percent more of what they see than what they read. Consider posters as a powerful visual tool for your company that instantly and directly communicates the important messages that promote safety. Posters that use interesting or humorous images are particularly effective at grabbing employee attention.

There are many logistical challenges that accompany safety communications, especially if you have a diverse audience, large facilities, or multiple locations. Many of these challenges can be addressed with posters, which industries such as restaurant, manufacturing, retail, and grocery have taken advantage of for years.

Safety Posters Educate

Another key ingredient of a healthy safety culture is effective safety training. And posters can help here, too. They can be used to:

  • Address issues specific to certain types of work
  • Bring attention to special topics, such as slips, trips, and falls and eye injuries
  • Reinforce training and messaging from other events
  • Advertise targeted safety themes for weeks or months
  • Complement your safety culture

Safety messages delivered through posters can breathe meaning and life into nearly any lesson. They can also help remove barriers to learning and level the playing field for diverse learners.

Safety Posters Make Messages Inescapable

Posters are the solution for creating inescapable safety messages. In order to keep safety at the top of your employees mind – messages need to capture their attention with consistent reinforcements. With posters, make sure to:


Posters alone will not revolutionize your safety program – but they will help you train your employees on key safety hazards. If you thoughtfully incorporate posters into your safety program, you can create a powerful awareness that will positively impact your workplace.

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