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Make Heat Stress a Hot Topic at Your Workplace 

Heat stress, heat stroke and dehydration are dangerous conditions that are all too common when construction crews or other workers are working in hot conditions. And when these crews are operating heavy machinery, heat stress becomes even more hazardous. To avoid these serious conditions and keep things cool on every level, invest in a few heat stress posters from Safety Poster. Hang them around your plant or job site and near your water cooler or break room to encourage people to stay hydrated on their break.

Avoid heat stress poster at construction site in the summer
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Why You Need Heat Stress Safety Posters 

These colorful safety posters help workers understand the risks of heat stress and the steps they can take to avoid it. Safety posters are one of the easiest and most effective ways to reinforce key safety messages at a time and place where they are most necessary. Heat Stress Safety posters: 

  • Bring attention to health issues caused by heat stress  
  • Address heat stress hazards specific to your workplace 
  • Reinforce your seasonal safety training and guidelines 

To keep heat stress preventiontop-of-mind, your safety posters need to capture employees’ attention and provide a consistent message. Make sure you: 

  • Select posters that reinforce training messages 
  • Keep the message fresh by frequently rotating in new posters 
  • Place safety posters where the message is most relevant — not just in hallways or the break room 


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