Covid-19 Posters

Spread Awareness to Stop the Spread of COVID-19, Colds and the Flu

Your employees may be tired of hearing about social distancing, handwashing and face masks, but that’s all the more reason to refresh your COVID-19, cold and flu safety posters. Stop the spread of infectious disease and keep your employees and visitors safe with informative and humorous posters.

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Why You Need COVID-19, Cold and Flu Safety Posters 

These colorful safety posters help workers understand the risks of COVID-19, the flu and colds and how to prevent the spread of these infectious viruses. Safety posters are one of the easiest and most effective ways to reinforce key safety messages at a time and place where they are most necessary. Health Safety posters: 

  • Bring attention to COVID-19, flu and cold prevention measures  
  • Address ways to prevent the spread of disease in your specific workplace 
  • Reinforce your handwashing, social distancing and disease prevention guidelines 

To keep COVID-19, flu and cold preventiontop-of-mind, your safety posters need to capture employees’ attention and provide a consistent message. Make sure you: 

  • Select posters that reinforce training messages 
  • Keep the message fresh by frequently rotating in new posters 
  • Place safety posters where the message is most relevant — not just in hallways or the break room 


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