Blue and White Striped Floor Marking Tape - 108 Ft.

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10TVS-BLW, 10TVS2-BLW, CS279981, 10TVS3-BLW, CS516664
Floor Marking Tape - Blue and White Striped - 2- or 3-inch

Blue and White Stripe Vinyl Floor Marking Tape for Defective Equipment Areas

This bold blue and white striped floor tape demands attention on your warehouse or manufacturing floor. Use it to identify areas for defective equipment.

  • Size: 2 in. x 108 ft. or 3 in. x 108 ft. (Select above)
  • Thickness: 6 mil
  • Permanent self-adhesive marking tape adheres to floors, pipes, walls, handrails, posts and equipment.
  • Apply to dry, clean, smooth floors by hand or with a tape applicator.
  • Waterproof blue-and-white stripe vinyl tape offers minor resistance to oils, grease, acids, alkalis, caustics and most solvents.
  • Core size: 3 inches
  • Colors meet specific industry and OSHA 1910.144 warning requirements.
  • This tape is available in other color combinations to identify various hazards (select above).

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Striped Floor Tape Color Guide:
- Black / White - Housekeeping, Aisles, Traffic, Passageways or Operational Use
- Blue / White - Defective Equipment
- Green / White - Safety and First Aid
- Magenta / Yellow - Radiation Areas
- Orange / White - Traffic and Caution
- Red / White - Fire Protection and Equipment
- Yellow / Black - General and Physical Hazards