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Color Coded Vinyl Marking Tape

Vinyl Marking Tape

These 6-mil adhesive vinyl tapes are available in 8 colors: yellow, red, dark blue, green, orange, purple, black, gray, and white. They are a 36-yard (108') long roll with a 3-inch cores. They are highly adhesive and resistant to water, oil, fungus and chemicals. They have a semi-gloss finish and can be written on with a permanent marker. Their temperature use range is from 40ºF to 170ºF, but should be applied when the tape is nearer to room temperature. An alternative to 3M #471.

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Vinyl Floor Tape Applicator - Up to 4" Tape

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Multi-Purpose Vinyl Tape - 0.5 in X 108 ft - 10 colors

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Bold Vinyl Floor Marking Tape for Visual Management - 3 in.

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Essential Vinyl Floor Tape for Lean Management - 2 in.

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Vinyl Tape for Visual Organization - 1 in - 8 colors

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Versatile Vinyl Tape - 0.25 in. x 108 ft. - 9 colors

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Striped Vinyl Floor Tape - 3 in. x 108 ft. - 4 colors

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Durable Striped Vinyl Floor Tape - yellow/black - 1 in.

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Highly Visible Checkered Marking Tape - Black/White - 2 in.

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Multi-Purpose Checkered Marking Tape - 7 Colors - 2 in. x 54 feet

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Bold Striped Vinyl Floor Tape - 4 colors - 2 in. x 108 ft.

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5S Organization Product - GREEN/WHITE 2-in. x 108-ft. Checkered Vinyl Floor Tape

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