Yellow Clean and Sweep Tools 5S Shadow Board

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Price for each : $202.20
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Yellow Clean and Sweep Tools 5S Shadow Board

Yellow Wall-Mount 5S Toolboard for Clean and Sweep Tools

Keep sweeping tools organized and easy to find with this yellow dry cleaning tools shadow board.

  • Black or white shadows on the yellow board make it clear where tools belong - and when anything is missing. (Select above)
  • Available with or without cleaning tools. (Select above)
  • Kit with tools includes hardware and the 5 most popular general maintenance cleaning tools: black plastic dust pan, lobby dust pan, push broom, angle broom, bench brush. Cleaning tool handles are wood. Cleaning tools are not color-coded. If you want color-coded tools to match the shadows on this board, contact our customer service team.
  • Board without tools includes only the shadow board and hook hardware to hang tools.
  • 68 in. x 30 in. yellow shadow board is available in 3 materials:
    - Xtreme Aluminum - 0.080-in. aluminum that stands up to rough use
    - AL1-Plus Aluminum - 0.236-inch thick material comprised of a composite plastic core bonded to two layers of aluminum. 40% lighter than solid aluminum.
    - CompShield - 2-ply, non-glare, polycarbonate plastic that resists color changes, chemical splashes, corrosion and abrasions. With sub-surface print.
  • Zinc-plated hook hardware for cleaning tools is included.
  • This yellow 5S toolboard has 0.25-inch mounting holes at the corners. Board mounting hardware is NOT included.
  • NOTE: Tool shadow boards ship by freight only.

Select material, tool, shadow and quantity options above, then click Add to Cart to order this yellow clean and sweep tool shadow board today.

This cleaning tools shadow board can be customized to meet your needs. Just contact our Customer Service team.

Shadow Dimensions:

  • Push Broom: 24-in. wide broom head with 60-in. handle
  • Bench Brush: 14.375-in. long
  • Angle Broom: 12-in. wide face with 46.75-in. handle
  • Lobby Dustpan: 12.5-in. bucket with 31-in. handle
  • Dustpan: 12 in.

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