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Visually organize tools with easy-to-apply self-adhesive shadow shapes! Shadow Shapes™ are self-adhesive tool shapes that you apply to your peg board to illustrate proper placement. This 18 x 12 booklet includes 50 of the most-popular (common) tools used and three (3) blank sheets, which allows users the ability to trace and cut unique, semi-custom Shadow Shapes™ using their own tools. With Shadow Shapes™, not only will you instantly know if something is missing, you will know what as well. Consistently storing tools in the same location can increase effiency by becoming a learned behavior. Shadow Shapes™ also serve as a visual reminder when a job is completed, that a tool has not been returned.

  • 50 most-popular tools (refer to image)
  • Individual pre-cut outlines allows freeform placement
  • Easy to apply with included transfer liner
  • High-Performance labels that last
  • The tool shape you need not listed, that's ok, we can produce custom shapes as well

Colors: Black, Blue, Green, Red, Orange, Yellow, White
Qty: 10 sheets per pack: 7 sheets totaling 50 tool shadows plus 3 blank sheets (one color per pack)

Item# 51ASLB-(color)

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Shadow Shapes Tool Shadow Label Booklet

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