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Visually organize tools with easy-to-apply self-adhesive shadow shapes! Shadow Shapes are self-adhesive tool shapes that you apply to your peg board to illustrate proper placement. This 18 x 12 booklet includes 50 of the most-popular (common) tools used and three (3) blank sheets, which allows users the ability to trace and cut unique, semi-custom Shadow Shapes using their own tools. With Shadow Shapes, not only will you instantly know if something is missing, you will know what as well. Consistently storing tools in the same location can increase efficiency by becoming a learned behavior. Shadow Shapesâ„¢ also serve as a visual reminder when a job is completed, that a tool has not been returned.

  • 50 most-popular tools (refer to image)
  • Individual pre-cut outlines allows freeform placement
  • Easy to apply with included transfer liner
  • High-Performance labels that last
  • The tool shape you need not listed, that's ok, we can produce custom shapes as well

Colors: Black, Blue, Green, Red, Orange, Yellow, White
Qty: 10 sheets per pack: 7 sheets totaling 50 tool shadows plus 3 blank sheets (one color per pack)

Item# 51ASLB-(color)

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Shadow Shapes Tool Shadow Label Booklet

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