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Size: 1" x 1" Square
Qty: 25 Pack
Color:  Red on one side & Green on the other
  • Handy two sided magnets are perfect for visual indicators. 
  • Write-On / Wipe-Off surface for status information: record inventory counts, inspection dates and more (using dry erase marker only).
  • Indicate inventory availability or other signals at a quick glance.
  • Trigger re-stock or product action.
  • Signal item availability
  • Indicate priority: Accept / Reject, In / Out, Start Date / Stop Date, Available / Not Available, Ok / Stop, Use / Do Not Use.
  • Great addition to any Key Performance Indicator or other metric magnetic whiteboards.

* * Use DRY-Erase Markers ONLY * *

We recommend testing the surface the magnet will be used on to ensure it is magnetic. 

This product cannot be used on Glass Whiteboards, magnetic pull not strong enough to reach through the glass.

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1 inch Red/Green Square Reversible Signal Magnets 25 pk

SKU: 30MDS408RG CS650302
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