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Safety Poster


5S Holders keep your signs safe from wear and tear.

Avoid communication pitfalls caused by missing or damaged signs. Made from rigid vinyl, our 5S Holders protect your signs and labels from the wear and tear of everyday operations.

Worried about adhesive residue or damage to walls? 

5S Holders come in a variety of attachment styles. In addition to wall-mounted and adhesive options, many of our 5S Holders come in magnetic and hang-style. Our popular color-coded document holders are a useful addition to your team’s huddle boards. Be sure to check out our hanging holder accessories, including magnetic hooks, zip-ties, and snap rings. 

Whether you are labeling containers and shelves or displaying documents and binders, we have the 5S Holders you need. Shop our selection of 5S Holders below.

5S protective sign and label holder for workplace