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    Magnetic Sign Holders & Pouches

    Pouch Holder

    Each clear, 3D, soft pouch has full magnetic backing. Keep objects at hands’ reach and organized at office, work space, machine or magnetic whiteboard. Magnetically attracts to any flat ferrous metal surface. Meant to hold lightweight items only. Available in 4 sizes.

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    Magnetic Print Protector

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    12 x 9 in. Warehouse Rack 2 Pouch Sign Holder

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    2.5 x 11 Magnetic Title Holder

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    2.96 x 0.988 x 0.9 in. Magnetic Sign Holder

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    4.75 x 4 in. Magnetic Pouch 2 pk

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    4 x 6 in. Warehouse Rack 2 Pouch Sign Holder

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