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In 2003, employers spent $50.8 billion on wage payments and medical care for workers hurt on the job. But senior financial executives say that each $1 invested in injury prevention returns $2 or more*

That makes Safety Labels from ComplianceSigns.com a smart investment. No matter what your situation, you’re sure to find the safety labels you need among our extensive selection.

Our Safety Labels come in general and universal “Prohibited” shapes, as well as circles and triangles. Available symbols including machinery hazards, radiation, poisons, electricity, protective equipment, fire and many others. Safety Labels fromComplianceSigns.com are the fast, easy and economical way to improve workplace safety. 

All the signs and safety labels you need for ANSI, OSHA and more.

Whether you’re looking for first aid or other emergency signs, specific ANSI or OSHA signs/labels, or general or custom signs or labels for your business, you’ll save time and trouble when you shop ComplianceSigns.com. All our products are custom manufactured in the U.S. from highest-quality materials.

It’s easy to search our inventory of more then 60,000 SKUs from your desktop, including: Fire and Safety, Caution, Danger, Warning, Directional Exit, First Aid, ADA Restroom signs, NFPA hazmat diamonds and more. Or custom order from our easy-to-use online design templates.

Custom Signs and Labels are Easy at ComplianceSigns.com

ComplianceSigns.com has diverse manufacturing capabilities for your custom sign and label needs. Please contact our office to discuss your requirements and receive a custom product quote. Signs and labels are available in English, Spanish and bilingual formats with a wide range of size and material options.

Can't find exactly what you need?  We can make a custom sign or label for you - just give us a call.

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*2005 Liberty Mutual Workplace Safety Index.

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