Custom Safety Tags by the Roll

Custom Tags by the Roll

CUSTOM Safety Tags in a Tags by the Roll Dispenser

Design your own custom safety tags to use in a Tags by the Roll storage dispenser. We can create custom tags for lockout-tagout, pipe marking, inspection, 5S red tags, machine safety, invrentory, chemical safety or any other need.

  • A Tags by the Roll dispenser protects your custom tags until they are needed and makes tags easy to transport.
  • Easy to use - just pull out the tags you need and tear off at the perforations.
  • Your 6.25 x 3-in. safety tags will be connected end-to-end inside the storage dispenser.
  • Thin, flexible poly cardstock tags are more durable than traditional wood-based cardstock.
  • Tags are waterproof, tear-resistant and will not crack, distort or shrink.
  • They are scuff-resistant with a matte surface that is easy to write on.
  • Each tag has gabled top corners, round bottom corners and a 3/8-in. plain hole centered at the top.
  • These safety tags comply with OSHA 29 CFR 1910.145 and ANSI Z535 requirements.
  • Available in quantities of 100 or 250 tags rolled inside a 6 5/8-in. x 3 5/8-in. cardboard dispenser.

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Custom Safety Tags in a Tags by the Roll Dispenser