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Released on 30-07-2020

Pressure / Temperature Signs and Labels

Pressurized gases or temperature sensitive materials are common in industrial environments, but they can cause major damage and injuries if not properly dealt with. Storing materials at their intended pressure and/or temperature can often be what keeps them from becoming volatile or useless. That's why proper signage is key as a reminder. Proper labeling can help to prevent everything from food spoilage to chemical disasters.

  • Prevent accidents that could result in loss or resources, damage to equipment, and injuries

  • Keep patrons and employees safe from foodbourne illnesses

  • Our signs and labels are all made-to-order in the USA and usually ship within 2 business days after purchase

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Playground equipment and/or surfacing in direct sunlight may reach temperatures high enough to cause serious burn injuries within seconds. Supervisors should check for hot play surfaces and/or surfacing before letting children play.

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Inverter output connection Do not relocate this overcurrent device

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Negative pressure

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Pressure washer procedures Inspect equipment before use Never direct spray at yourself or others Face shields, safety glasses, and rain suits must be worn

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Pressurized panel Not to be opened if concentrations of combustible gases are above ignition levels

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Accumulator is under high pressure Do not service until gas pressure has been relieved It is strongly advised to have this serviced by an authorized repair facility

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