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THIS IS A SMOKE-FREE BUILDING NO SMOKING OR ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE USE within 15 feet of the entrance or openable window to this public place. Any person who violates this ordinance commits a misdemeanor offense and is subject to a fine of up to $2,000. To report violations of the law, call 3-1-1. City of Austin Smoking In Public Places Ordinance (SIPPO) § Chapter 10-6 (Effective July 3, 2017)

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Swimming Pool Rules - Diving in shallow areas is not allowed. Signs indicate areas where patrons should not dive. Throwing of bathers or allowing bathers to dive from each other's shoulders or knees is also not allowed. - Two speaker radios or oversized one speaker radios are not allowed. - Fighting or rough horseplay is not allowed. This includes chicken fighting and dunking. - SCUBA equipment (tank, regulator and buoyancy control device) is not allowed unless used by a SCUBA class. Snorkels are allowed if they are used with supervision. - Frisbees, tennis balls or any hard balls are not allowed. - Profanity or public display of affection is not allowed. - Fins must be worn only in the water. They must be taken off when out of the water. - All children who are not yet toilet trained must wear a swim diaper along with their bathing suit when entering the water. A plastic or rubber diaper cover is highly recommended in addition to a swim diaper and bathing suit. A swim diaper or regular diaper must be worn while out of the water. - The pool will close for 30 minutes when thunder is heard and/or lighting is sighted. The pool will reopen 30 minutes after the last thunder is heard or lighting is seen. Patrons must seek shelter under a man made structure during a thunderstorm. - Glass of any type is not permitted. - Alcohol and drugs are not allowed in the pool area. Intoxicated individuals will not be allowed into the facility. - Nerf balls, air mattresses and floats are allowed in the shallow end (4ft or less) only if the pool is not crowded. - Inner tubes are not allowed. - Baby floats are allowed only if the child is being supervised by an adult in the designated area. The child must be within arms reach of the supervising adult. - Bicycles, skates or skateboards are not allowed in the pool area. - Water guns are not allowed. - Lap lanes are for lap swimming only. - Plastic toys are allowed inside the pool area only with adult supervision. - Patrons cannot have children sitting on their shoulders or holding onto their backs. - Five minutes before every hour there will be a five minute safety check. All swimmers will be asked to get out of the pool, except for those who are doing swimming laps. - All children under the age of 10 must be actively supervised by someone that is 15 or older. All children between the ages of 10 and 14 must take a swim test if they do not have supervision. They will be allowed to swim in the pool if they pass the swim test.

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