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Enter / Exit Signs and Labels

Avoid confusion about where to enter and exit a room or building by using these handy exit and entrance signs. Alternatively, the bold, easy-to-read signs can state where not to enter or exit. Some of the signs are available in bilingual formats.

  • Best used in offices, medical facilities, hotels, factories, shopping malls and other commercial areas

  • Use to avoid confusion and aid people in quick entrance and exits from rooms or buildings or to notify when doorways cannot be used

  • Any commercial area with a heavy flow of pedestrian traffic should use these signs

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THIS IS A SMOKE-FREE BUILDING NO SMOKING OR ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE USE within 15 feet of the entrance or openable window to this public place. Any person who violates this ordinance commits a misdemeanor offense and is subject to a fine of up to $2,000. To report violations of the law, call 3-1-1. City of Austin Smoking In Public Places Ordinance (SIPPO) § Chapter 10-6 (Effective July 3, 2017)

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No Smoking within 15 Feet of Entrance City of Dallas Ordinance

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