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VA Code & Life Safety Signs and Labels

Our VA Code and Life Safety signs inform people at Veterans Affairs facilities of safety issues. Some of the potential topics include exits, fire equipment, radioactive zones, biohazards and refuge areas. These signs are easy to read and come in a variety of styles.

  • The signs below are best used to maintain compliance with Department of Veterans Affairs Code & Life Safety design standards

  • Display these signs per VA guidelines on, above or beside doors that lead to hazardous or special safety zones

  • Any VA facility can use these signs with confidence that they meet VA specfications

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Fire Door Keep closed at all times.

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IN CASE OF FIRE 1. Rescue patients & visitors from room. 2. Activate fire alarm pull station & contact emergency forces. 3. Close all doors to rooms. 4. Extinguish fire with portable fire extinguisher only if fire is small.

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Automatic Fire Door DO NOT BLOCK This fire door is arranged to swing closed automatically. Do not block the doorway or place any article in contact with the door.

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Automatic Fire Door DO NOT BLOCK This fire door is arranged to drop automatically. Do not block this area or place any article under the door.

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