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Released on 30-07-2020

California - San Antonio

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Swimming Pool Rules - Any child between the ages of 0 through 10 years of age must be supervised by a person at least 18 years of age with proper swim attire and must remain with that adult at all times. Any child 11 years of age or older does not need to have anyone accompany them. - Remember children still in diapers must be wearing approved swim diapers in order to use our swimming pool. - No one is allowed in the pool area unless a lifeguard is on duty. - Approved swim attire must be worn while swimming at all times. This means swim wear only. No cutoffs, denim shorts or basketball shorts that are hanging off the body. All swimwear must have a liner. - Swim attire must be made of lycra, spandex or nylon. - No one having a contagious disease or infectious condition or having bandaging or healed abrasions will be allowed in the pool, including fresh tattoos. Refer any of the above cases to the Pool Supervisor. - Chewing gum and smoking are prohibited. - No running, pushing, shoving, horseplay or any other type of boisterous activity will be allowed in the pool area. - No breakable containers or glass allowed in the pool area. - Personal flotation devices may be used for therapeutic or rehabilitative purposes and may be used only with prior approval of the Pool Supervisor and a doctors note. All other flotation devices are prohibited for all patrons including children with the exception of coast guard approved lifejackets. - The use or possession of alcohol and drugs on city property is prohibited. - Anyone suspected to be under the influence will be prohibited from entering the facility. - Patrons are responsible for their own valuables and personal items. - Masks, fins and snorkels are not permitted.

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