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Dry Erase Color Magnets & Accessories

Dry Erase Color Magnets & Accessories

Ideal for inventory, product info, kanban, quality control, and many other warehouse functions. 1/32" thick magnet with dry erase surface.

  • Use Dry Erase Markers for easy, convenient wipe-off

  • Use Damp Erase Pens for more lasting content

  • Write inventory counts, inspection initials, product information, dates and other data

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Double-Sided Signal Magnets - Red / Green - 2 inch Square

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Dry Erase Color Magnets - 2 x 4 in. - 25-Pack - Reusable

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Reusable Dry Erase Color Magnets - 1x4 in. 25-Pack

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Long-Lasting Damp Erase Medium Tip Markers 4 pk

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