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Floor Marking Tape

Floor-Mark Marking Tape

Use Floor-Mark to mark your floors, and other areas of your workplace, quickly and easily! This durable product will outlast most other types of floor marking material and paint. Marking your floors is no longer limited to paint and traditional floor tape. Floor-Mark is a new, durable product used just like tape or paint, but with significant differences. Unlike traditional tape, Floor-Mark has a release backing that is removed during application, so it will not stretch or curl. The vinyl is thin, yet durable, so it will not snag and lift off the floor in high traffic areas. 3 mil thick, 3" core.

  • Won't cut, stretch or snag like tape!

  • Can be removed by applying heat. No chemicals needed for removal like with paint!

  • Made of high gloss vinyl

Floor Marking Tape

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Durable Floor Tape 3-inch Width from Floor-Mark - 100 ft.

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Tough Clear Floor Tape 2-inch Width from Floor-Mark

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Bright Floor Tape 1-inch Width from Floor-Mark - 100 ft.

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Durable Clear Marking Tape 4-inch Width from Floor-Mark

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Versatile Floor Tape 4-inch x 100-feet from Floor-Mark

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Tough Clear Marking Tape 5-inch Width from Floor-Mark

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Tough 3-inch Clear Marking Tape from Floor-Mark - 100 ft.

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Clear High Gloss Floor Marking Tape - 1 in. x 100 ft.

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High-Performing Durastripe Floor Cleaner - non-toxic

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