Color Coded Cleaning Tools

Color-coded cleaning tools are an easy way to ensure your tools stay in their proper places while also helping to, avoid cross-contamination. The best color-coded cleaning tools help make your facility safer and more efficient. These tools can be used in many different applications and types of facilities. In food processing environments, use color-coded tools to prevent cross-contamination from food contact areas with non-food contact areas. Other uses in food processing include: Separating raw and cooked foods and separating allergens from allergen-free ingredients. Many types of facilities find color-coded cleaning tools useful to keep restroom and office tools separated from production areas. In fact, these tools reduce the migration of cleaning tools from one department to another substantially. Good visual communication is important in every industry -- especially in healthcare, manufacturing, industrial, and food production. Ship safer products. Save money. Shop our wide selection of color-coded cleaning tools below.