LED GOBO Floor Sign Projectors

Sometimes a standard wall sign or floor label just won't do the job. That's why so many warehouses, factories and other facilities use these LED sign projectors. A floor sign projector can clearly deliver your message when a conventional sign can't. These LED GOBO (GOes Before Optics) projectors shine an image up to 262 feet in complete darkness, or 49 feet in bright light.

- Includes a remote control for easy operation
- Requires 110V AC power
- Constructed of heavy-duty cast aluminum with a built-in mounting bracket


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LED floor sign projector in warehouse
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LED GOBO Sign Projector FAQs

LED Floor Sign Projector

What is the viewing distance for an LED projector?

These projectors shine the image up to 262 feet in complete darkness. The light level in the area affects viewing distance. Bright light: 49 ft; Dim light: 65 to 164 ft; Complete darkness: 262 ft

Can the sign images be changed?

Yes. Sign lenses are interchangeable. ComplianceSigns offers various stock options sold separately and can also make a custom lens for you. Contact us for a quote!

How many hours will the projector bulb last?

The LED bulbs are rated for 30,000 hours of operation.

Can I rotate the projected image?

Yes. The projected image can be rotated to any position. In addition, it can be locked in one position, or set to rotate continuously.