Temporary Parking Permit Hang Tags

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Hang Tags - Temporary
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Temporary Parking Permit Hang Tags in 10 Colors

These 5x3-in. temporary parking hang tags will meet your temp parking needs.


Variety of Options Offer Flexibility

Our temporary hang tag parking permits are available in a variety of colors and numbering options for maximum flexibility.

  • Popular 3 x 5-inch size
  • Sold in consecutively numbered packs of 100: 001-099; 100-199; 200-299; 300-399; 400-499; 500-599; 600-699; 700-799; 800-899; 900-999

Colors: blue, green, red, orange, yellow, black, purple, brown, teal and maroon

Economical, Reusable Material

High-quality materials create durable hang tags that can be used over and over again, providing you with cost savings.

  • Tags are made of pulp-free (PF) cardstock that is unaffected by moisture.
  • Text and images are printed on one side using high-res digital technology.
  • Reduced fading is achieved with the use of UV-resistant inks.
  • Lamination seals both sides of the tag to protect images and printing.
  • Tags are resistant to curling, bubbling, melting or tearing.
  • Durable, temperature-resistant materials will not become brittle in extreme cold.

Parking Hang Tag Features:

Economic Benefits

The durability and easy display options of our temporary parking tags create economic benefits when used for special events, construction projects and more.

  • High-quality hang tags last a long time, saving you money.
  • Durable construction enables reissuing and reusing temporary parking permits.
  • You can create an additional revenue stream by selling temporary tags for special events.
  • You can track use by issuing numbered tags that can be linked to a numbered visitor log.
  • Color coding allows you to set a pricing structure for each temporary parking permit based on prime parking times and most convenient spaces.
  • You can maximize the revenue potential of residential or business lots in high-demand areas during special events by issuing temporary hang tags when charging for a temporary parking pass.

How Can Temporary Parking Tags Reduce Owner Liability?

By creating a controlled and managed system for your parking area, you can avoid liability issues in numerous ways.

  • Post signs stating the owner is not liable for unauthorized vehicles
  • Use tags to ensure a manageable number of vehicles parking in your lot
  • Manage the use of unpaved lots for temporary parking through the use of color-coded and numbered temporary tags
  • Improve security on your premises by providing visible authorization for vehicles
  • Enable emergency tracking of vehicle owners by maintaining a numbered log of issued tags

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