Parking Permit Hang Tags for Parking Lots & Garages

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Hang Tags - Permit
Parking Permit

Parking Permit Hang Tags in 10 Colors, 3 Sizes

Parking lots and garages utilize our numbered and color-coded parking permit hang tags in a variety of ways and for many reasons. Our tags are available in 3 sizes:

  • 5-in. high x 3-in. wide
  • 3-in. high x 2.75-in. wide
  • 2-in. high x 4.75-in. wide


Hang Tag Durability

Our parking permit hang tags are made from high-quality material that is both economical and reusable.

  • High-resolution text and images
  • Sealed on both sides with laminate to protect text and images
  • UV-resistant inks to reduce fading
  • Resists bubbling, curling, melting and tearing
  • Consists of moisture-resistant, pulp-free (PF) cardstock
  • Won't become brittle in extreme cold temperatures

Colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, teal, maroon, brown, and black

Benefits of Our Parking Permit Hang Tags

  • Flexibility: Choose from 10 colors, 4 styles, and 3 sizes to easily tailor our permits to your preferred system.
  • Sequential numbering: Consecutively numbered tags are sold in packs of 100 (001-099; 100-199; 200-299; 300-399; 400-499; 500-599; 600-699; 700-799; 800-899; 900-999).
  • Easy design selector: We make it easy for you to choose a design that works for your facility.
  • Quick installation: The effortless mounting of hang tags on the vehicle mirror enables fast and easy issuance of permits.
  • Durability: The pulp-free (PF) cardstock is not affected by moisture or extreme temperatures; the hang tags withstand repeated handling and use, enabling you to reissue them over and over again.
  • Affordability: The low prices of our permits enable you to track vehicles and organize your lot while keeping costs down.

Uses For Parking Hang Tags

  • Create parking zones: The use of color-coded tags enables quick identification of unauthorized vehicles.
  • Track vehicles: Issuing numbered tags and tracking them in a log creates an easy system of organization and identification.
  • Discourage inappropriate use: Requiring a parking permit in your lot discourages unauthorized vehicles from entering and parking.


1. How do hang tags help manage ADA spaces?

Hang tags can be issued to specific vehicles to assist with ADA compliance and discourage unauthorized parking.


2. How do hang tags help with parking lot maintenance?

By using a parking garage permit or parking lot permit system for organization, you can easily direct parking to specific areas to assist with scheduled maintenance and avoid wearing down certain areas from overuse.


3. How do hang tags impact the use of signage in the parking area?

We have parking lot/garage signage available to assist with directions. Hang tags can reduce the need for signage, as color-coding and numbers enable customers to match their hang tags to the appropriate parking areas.