Employee Parking Permit Mirror Hang Tags

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Hang Tags - Employee
Employee Parking Permit

Employee Parking Permit Mirror Hang Tags in 2 Sizes

Our parking hang tags for vehicle mirrors are popular with offices, hospitals, warehouses, manufacturing facilities, distribution centers and school parking lots. Our employee parking tags are available in 2 sizes: Our employee parking tags are available in 2 Sizes: 5-in. high x 3-in. wide and 2-in. high x 4.75-in. wide.


Benefits of Color Variety

Our hang tags are available in 10 popular colors and a variety of styles that carry many benefits.

  • Use color coding to match hang tags with specific parking areas
  • Issue employee parking tags in specific colors to designate employee status
  • Identify customers, students, vendors, guests, visitors and employees with designated color coding
  • Celebrate school spirit by choosing tags in school colors

Colors: blue, green, red, orange, yellow, black, purple, brown, teal and maroon.

Durable and Affordable

Our hang tags are constructed from high-quality material that is both economical and reusable.

  • Made of moisture-resistant, pulp-free (PF) cardstock
  • Printed on one side with high-resolution text and images
  • Printed with UV-resistant inks to reduce fading
  • Sealed on both sides with laminate to protect text and images
  • Designed to resist bubbling, curling, melting and tearing
  • Won't becoming brittle in extreme cold temperatures

Parking Hang Tag Features:

Differentiate With Options

We offer a range of numbers, colors, and styles to create a system that meets your unique needs.

  • Choose from four unique designs and two specific sizes.
  • Numbering options identify vehicles with ease. Tags are sold in packs of 100 with consecutive numbering: 001-099; 100-199; 200-299; 300-399; 400-499; 500-599; 600-699; 700-799; 800-899 and 900-999.
  • Additional customization is available for personalized images, styles and numbering.

Additional Benefits

Creative benefits of hang tags include the following:

  • Collect valuable data for your business by recording hang tag issuance to track the volume of vehicles that come in and out of your facility
  • Provide incentives by issuing hang tags for priority parking for birthdays or other events, student achievements and customer benefits
  • Award an employee parking permit for a premier parking space as a thank you for strong quarterly performance
  • Improve safety practices by issuing a staff parking permit for a priority space to any individual with particular physical needs
  • Create goodwill with customers by issuing hang tags for priority spaces near facility entrances
  • Enhance productivity by issuing hang tags to vehicles that need reserved spaces with proximity to entrances or loading areas
  • Advertise your business by issuing hang tags that are displayed on the windshield of customer vehicles

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