Contractor Parking Permits for Job Sites

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Hang Tags - Contractor
Contractor Parking Permit

5x3-inch Contractor Parking Permits in 10 Colors

Businesses can issue a contractor parking permit to appropriate employees in a construction zone to help manage parking on job sites.


Durable Construction

Our hang tags are constructed from high-quality material that can withstand the conditions on any job site.

  • 5 x 3-in. moisture-resistant, pulp-free (PF) cardstock
  • High-resolution text and images
  • UV-resistant inks to reduce fading
  • Sealed on both sides with laminate to protect text and images
  • Resists bubbling, curling, melting, and tearing
  • Weather-resistant material won't become brittle in extreme cold temperatures

Why Our Hang Tags Are Useful for Contractor Parking

  • Sturdy construction stands up to rough and repeated use.
  • Economical prices help your bottom line.
  • Ten color options enable a flexible and organized system for specifying restricted parking areas or identifying different trades. 
  • Numbering system enables the use of a parking permit tracking system. Tags are available in sets of 100 in the following consecutive numbers: 001-099; 100-199; 200-299; 300-399; 400-499; 500-599; 600-699; 700-799; 800-899; 900-999.

Colors: blue, black, red, yellow, orange, green, maroon, purple, teal and brown.

Parking Hang Tag Features:

Benefits of Contractor Parking Permits

  • Improve safety on the job site by using hang tags to identify appropriate parking in a construction zone
  • Reduce unwanted traffic in areas of high construction activity
  • Increase productivity and create goodwill by reserving contractor spaces in convenient locations near the job site
  • Manage business traffic by using a numbered system to identify specific company vehicles

How To Create a Safe Parking Area in a Construction Zone

Construction zones may impact existing parking availability, creating an increase in demand for remaining parking areas and causing potential hazards. Parking management plans should be utilized to ensure the safety of construction crews and the surrounding public.

  • Temporary colored and numbered hang tags can be issued to contractors to manage the distribution of vehicles.
  • Hang tags can be custom printed to include safety information for a specific job site.
  • Hang tags can help to identify authorized vehicles and keep construction areas clear of nonessential traffic.
  • When a staging area is in use, hang tags can be used to identify the project-related vehicles that are authorized in that area; color coding can identify specific trades.
  • Temporary permits can be issued to enable contractors to park close for loading and unloading and receiving deliveries.
  • The sale of temporary contractor parking passes can provide a revenue stream to help defray expenses associated with the overall construction project and maintenance of the parking area.

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