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Come along on a toast odyssey that mimics the more typical conditions employees encounter when they attempt to value stream.

Divided into two half-hour training segments:

Part 1: this lesson examines the current condition (or state) as we follow the toast-making process to understand the material and information flows. Viewers will participate in the observations and the sometimes contentious discussions about what has been observed as GBMP team travels the process upstream to expose system and process problems. You?ll learn how to capture both numeric and anecdotal information on paper, and how to achieve a consensus regarding the key points of the current condition.

Part II: details the target condition (state) demonstrating how orders of magnitude improvement can be systematically identified, achieved and measured. Viewers will be introduced to a VSM Action Plan in A3 format that provides a complete analysis, reflection, improvement plan, measures and milestone tracking on a single 11x17 sheet.

Whether your process is pure factory or administrative or service-related, "Toast VSM", offers a realistic, day-in-the-life experience for lean implementers who wish to gain the full benefit of Value Stream Mapping.

2009 sequel to the original Toast Kaizen!

Published by: Greater Boston Manufacturing Partnership
Length: Part I: 30 Minutes, Part II: 30 Minutes.


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Toast Value Stream Mapping DVD

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