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The New Lean Pocket Guide has over 120 illustrations to visually convey the tools and concepts, along with detailed descriptions of all the Lean tools.

This newer version of the best selling The Lean Pocket Guide also includes: a section on Lean Office and Six Sigma, 20+ digital photos demonstrating Lean in action, a Waste Audit, and a Glossary of Lean terms. The tools of 5S, value stream mapping, document tagging, continuous flow, standard work, visual control, takt time, pitch, runners, waste, plus numerous other Lean tools are thoroughly defined as well as guidelines provided for the implementation of each tool. This version has digital photos of Lean production best practices throughout!

ISBN#: to be obtained
Author: Don Tapping
Size: 3.5" x 5.5"
Page: 202 pages
Binding: Spiral Bound
Plus: 120+ Illustrations, Forms, Worksheets, Digital Photos of Lean Production Practices, Glossary, and Waste Audit

Item# 70B7066

The New Lean Pocket Guide

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