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Creating a Lean Chain of Support

In this 35 minute video, Shingo Prize recipient Bruce Hamilton invites managers and supervisors to take a look in the mirror-to examine how their actions and reactions can alternately energize the continuous improvement program, or kill it. Drawing upon the wisdom of the creators of the Toyota Production System, Taiichi Ohno and Shigeo Shingo, and Deming Prize winner, Ryuji Fukuda, this training tool focuses on the essential changes in management behavior that fosters and supports a sustainable Lean transformation.

In a series of dramatizations, the Greater Boston Manufacturing Partnership team take you into both the office and the factory to examine critical moments of truth, single points in time during which interaction between manager and employee either create employee involvement or discourage it. Shigeo Shingo noted that "constructive dissatisfaction with the Status Quo" is the driver for improvement. But too often, management and supervision are the keepers and defenders of the status quo. Through their words and action, they squash employee creativity, missing key moments when dissatisfaction may be converted into positive energy for change.

This is a video for all employees, but is primarily directed to those who will be responsible for creating a chain of support for improvement. In the words of Dr. Shingo, "the face we see least is our own." This lighthearted presentation offers the opportunity to see and understand that face as a first step to leading the Lean conversation.

Published by: GBMP
Length: 35 Minutes

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